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  • Can you strip the cabinets down to bare wood to ensure adhesion?
    No, we do not strip cabinets down to bare wood, we scuff them and prime them to accept our materials. Stripping of the cabinets would have to be performed by someone else and inspected by The Cabinet Makeover before we would proceed.
  • Can you modify my existing cabinets such as adding or subtracting pull-outs?
    Yes, we are a full service cabinet company.
  • Is there any bad smell during the process?
    The doors are brought to our shop to reduce spraying inside the home. The majority of our two-week window is spent preparing the cabinets for spraying and not actually spraying. When we do spray it is usually all done in one day and the fumes dissipate later that same day.
  • Can you paint over any existing finish?
    We can only warranty our work when it is applied over oil-based finishes. We can go over other finishes such as water-based finishes, but we can only do so at the customer's risk. No warranty would be offered in this case.
  • When is payment due?
    A deposit prior to starting the job is required. Full payment upon completion.
  • Do I need to empty my cabinets?
    We do not spray the inside of your cabinets, so your contents of your cabinets can remain in place. The only exception would be cabinets that have items falling out of them, or doors that would not be able to be closed.
  • Is this a messy process?
    Quite the contrary! We take great care to protect everything in your home so when we leave, the only way you can tell we were there is by your cabinets being made new. We could tell you all about us, but why not hear it from our previous customers? Here are some snippets taken from our google reviews that highlight this aspect of our company: - Courtney Merwin "Their masking and cleanup was so good, there was no need to remove items from the shelves ahead of time or clean up afterwards. Thanks very much for a FANTASTIC experience." - Lenny Zimmerman "Nathan and his team at The Cabinet Makeover are some of the finest professionals in the construction industry here in New Orleans. I could not recommend them higher! They even took the initiative to work/finish the job on a Sunday as there was a predicted hurricane coming on a Monday and the team wanted to finish the job so that my family did not have to live around the tape and plastic involved with the project. - Lauren Templeman "Absolutely amazing work! The crew was clean, timely, reliable, and their attention to detail was beyond my expectations. They even fixed previous imperfections in our cabinets! We couldn’t be happier that we went with this company." - Kristin Hafstad "The most professional and able business I have ever dealt with. Followed through the rest of my construction project above and beyond... Highly recommended!!!" - Gene Rapp "They are a delight to work with and are very respectful and personable. Cabinets look better than when they were new. No mess and quick process. They will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.Highly recommend!!" - Shelly Lauman "My wife and I were not only happy with the quality of the work but also the care they took with our home. The finish made our inexpensive cabinets look like higher end cabinets. Thanks again!! - Seth Fraley "Awesome job revitalizing my outdated kitchen cabinets. Their attention to detail put them over the top. A big plus also was the clean job site!! - Pam Lolan
  • Do you have any videos of your process?
    We are in the process of adding this feature.
  • How long does a kitchen take from start to finish?
    Although each job is different, a typical kitchen takes 2 weeks from the time we pick up the doors until we are completely finished. Not all of that time is spent in your home. We do the doors in our shop to reduce fumes and time spent working onsite. Typically we average 4 days of working in the home.
  • What kind of paint do you use?
    We only use the highest quality industrial conversion varnish. This is not something that you can even find in big box stores. It is the most durable and easy to clean finish. It also does not yellow over time, so you can choose your color with confidence, knowing it will not change over time.
  • Do you spray everything or do you brush and roll the 'boxes'?
    Everything is sprayed to give a uniform finish. We take the doors and drawer fronts to our shop and spray them in a dust controlled environment. The cabinet boxes are worked on simultaneously by a different team in your home. Everything is taped off, to protect the surrounding kitchen from any overspray.
  • Do you give a warranty?
    Yes! We stand behind our work! Each job comes wtih a free 10 year non-transferrable warranty that covers dfective workmanship. It does not cover normal 'wear and tear' or abuse.
  • Do you guys recommend any other companies for services needed in New Orleans?
    Why yes we do 😚 Please visit for a premium pool service in New Orleans.
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