If you ask most house painters if they can paint your cabinets, most will say they can. Which is true. Anyone can paint a surface, but will it hold up and look professional?


The fact is that there are many different paints, each with their own application. Wall paint, trim paint, automotive finishes, etc. They do all serve a purpose, it's just that none of them are designed for kitchen cabinets. In the same way you would not want to put house paint on your car, even the best trim paint on your kitchen cabinets would not hold up to food, grease, and normal wear and tear. While some companies do use oil or water based paint, Cabinet Makeover only uses industrial grade cabinet coatings.


The following pictures are actual jobs done by "professionals" that the Cabinet Makeover were called to try to remedy. Unfortunately, in most cases, once the wrong material is applied to the cabinets, it's too late. At this point, stripping or removing the wrong finish that was applied, becomes more expensive than purchasing new doors and drawer fronts. In the end, hiring someone unqualified that will use incorrect materials can be one of the most expensive home projects that you ever do.


Although industrial cabinet coatings are more expensive, there is no substitute for it's durability and appearance. That's why we not only use cabinet coatings, but the absolute best of them. Our material is non-yellowing, and has the highest solids of any finish for cabinetry in the industry. You will not find a better product even in high end cabinet factories. When it comes to executing the job, one of the vital components to our success is having two teams that work on each set of cabinets simultaneously. By working on the doors and carcasses at the same, we are able finish most jobs from start to finish in one week or less. This also reduces time spent in the home since the majority of the spraying is done in our shop. The first thing we do is have the doors and drawer fronts removed and brought to our shop where they will be worked on exclusively off-site in our spray booth, while the carcasses (pictured below) are worked on in the home in an isolated working environment.

Cabinet Carcass without doors.

(sometimes referred to as "boxes")

As for the cabinets with the doors now removed (Carcasses), they can have all utensils/items left in place and protective paper placed over the carcass openings (pictured below) during spraying. This makes it very convenient for our customers since moving everything out of cabinets is not only time consuming but also becomes a storage issue.

Carcasses being sprayed with paper covering anything inside cabinets


Now comes the part you've been waiting for. Spraying the finish on your cabinets. Aside from being extremely durable, the factory finish that we use has a very short wet time (dries quickly). In normal weather conditions our finish is dry to the touch in 30 minutes! This greatly reduces any dust particles landing in the finish and drying in it. No tip-toeing around your cabinets. Compare that to some oil based finishes that can  stay wet for days, all the while collecting dust particles, bugs, and fingerprints! 

We are very proud of the product and service we provide. If nothing else, we hope this page has helped you to appreciate that not just anyone can refinish kitchen cabinets. If you are going to hire someone who isn't qualified to do them correctly, it's better to do nothing at all. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. We would be happy to provide you service, or free consultation.

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